BOCAJ Beauty was created by Melbourne-based Makeup Artist & Social Media Influencer, Jacob Stella. Jacob has been working since age 16 as a professional makeup artist, and from the first dip into his mum's eyeshadow palette, he knew that one day he wanted to have a brand to call his own.
In the early stages of his career, Jacob worked for some of the biggest cosmetic houses such as Benefit Cosmetics, Napoleon Perdis, MAC Cosmetics, and Esteé Lauder. Jacob has also shot campaigns for Sephora Australia, Benefit Cosmetics, Grazia Magazine, Buzzfeed, Sportsgirl, MECCA, Sand and Sky, Dermalogica, and many more. Jacob uses his social media presence to be a voice for the LGBTQIA+ community, mental health, and male representation in the beauty industry.
Throughout the years, from working on hundreds of models, brides, and everyday people, Jacob realised he was constantly mixing formulations and stacking multiple pairs of lashes to acheive the desired result he (and the client) were after. After hearing that other makeup lovers and makeup artists were having the same issues, he knew it was a sign that this was meant to be the first adventure that BOCAJ Beauty would emark on.