We hope you love your new brows/lashes! 🤗
Here are some aftercare instructions in case you forgot anything:

Please do NOT wet the treated area for AT LEAST 24 hours (48 hours recommended) as the solution is still working to hold the desired shape in place for the first 48 hours after treatment 💃
Avoid steam for at least 48 hours (excessively hot showers, saunas, steam rooms, etc) 🥵
Avoid rubbing your eyes/brows or playing with the shape. If they have moved, you can use a clean spoolee to brush the hairs back into shape 👁
Avoid using an eyelash curler or eye makeup for at least 24 hours 💄
Avoid strong sunlight for at least 24 hours to protect the lift 🌞
If you are experiencing any minor or major side effects 48 hours after treatment please let me know and seek professional advice from your GP immediately.