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It's time to say goodbye to messy, irritating, and hard to apply lash glue.
Our lash adhesive has been formulated with safe and gentle ingredients for sensitive eyes.
Latex free, fast drying, clear finish, completely waterproof, non irritating, and includes a brush-on applicator to make your life a little easier.

Each bottle contains 5ml/ 0.16 US fl. oz.
Also available in store.

How to use

Simply swipe the brush tip applicator across your lash band.

Allow to set for 20-30 seconds.

Look down into a mirror, place onto the eye using our Applicators.


Acrylates/Ethylhexyl Acrylate Copolymer, Aqua


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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Concert Approved!

Used this eyelash glue to stick some face gems on for the Tay Tay concert last night! They did not move!!!!! Tried and tested!!! Highly recommend! Not just for lashes!

Aimee Pomeroy
For the emotional type :D

Ok, so I know most people would be browsing this shop for lashes, but whoa, this glue might have just stolen the show!

If you happen to cry a lot (like me when I laugh lol), or have a wedding coming up, you’re gonna need to stock up on this glue! This is the only lash glue I’ve come across that is actually water ‘PROOF’.

Also you don’t have to wait too long for the glue to become tacky, and when it does become tacky, it’s actually tacky, not just ‘dry’ or too wet, which makes the whole process of putting the fake lashes on soooooo much easier!


This lash glue is so easy to apply, I usually have to let other glues go tacky for a long period of time before trying to apply to my eyelid, but this glue sticks straight on & doesn’t go anywhere ! I love how it’s formulated for sensitive eyes too, cause I usually find my eyes watering after applying lashes but not with Bocaj Glue ! I can also confirm it’s cry resistant, my eyelashes didn’t slip & slide anywhere ! And don’t worry, it’s was crying from laughter ! :-)
So happy I found a new glue & bought 2 !

Liz Adams
Best lash glue!

Best lash glue I have used!
Doesn't dry too fast for being latex free.
The brush applicator is great, doesn't burn your eyes like some latex free ones do. It just makes putting lashes on so easy.
Definitely will be repurchasing this when I run out!