ALL ABOUT BROWS! (Cosmetic Tattooing)

Do YOU want the most perfect eyebrows but don't have the time to make salon appointments every other day? Honestly, the dream of having bushy and filled-in brows has now become a reality (credits to social media or the Kardashians, lol). However, with so many cosmetic tattooing styles available, it can be challenging to make the right choice, but we are here with all the details.
So, are you ready to enjoy on-point eyebrows at all times?

If you haven’t been living under a rock, you've most likely heard about Microblading (also known as Feathering). Truth be told, it is the most requested technique as it’s the most natural way of enhancing the eyebrows, however it is NOT suited for everyone. A Microblading treatment uses a manual tool that creates the finest hair strokes behind your existing brows, that look almost identical to real eyebrow hair. 
BUT, if you have a more mature skin type (fine lines, wrinkles), have combo-oily skin, drink alcohol regularly, or use Retinol or AHAs in your skincare regime, Microblading is not for you. Microblading will fade faster with these issues, so be mindful about it. Microblading lasts usually 1-3 years. Once you get Microblading done, it takes around 2 weeks to heal but it’s worth it, especially if you have dry skin.
Currently, we do not offer a Microblading-only service. The reason for this is because the more you get Microblading done, over time, it forms more and more scar tissue underneath the surface of the skin - toughening the skin and making the implanted pigment not hold or last as long, each time you get it done. After a few years of getting it done you will also need either Saline Tattoo Removal or Laser PMU Tattoo Removal (less harsh to regular laser removal).

Commonly termed as Ombré brows, this technique adds precision, depth and shape to your eyebrows with the help of a Permanent Makeup machine (similar to a tattoo machine). The technique uses a single or multi-needle machine to place extremely thin dots of pigment into the skin, creating a softly-shaded, just-been-filled-in look. It mimics the effects of soft brow makeup with its powdery and soft nature. It’s a suitable choice for people with dry skin, mature skin, combination-oily skin, and textured skin. Ombré/powder/misting can last between 2-5 years. In the first three days after procedure, the eyebrows will appear darker than when you first get them done due to scabbing (but keep your calm, babe! don't pick at them). We currently provide Ombré/Powder brow treatments at $300 as part of our introductory price bundle. It surely provides bang for your buck!

Yup, we saved the best for the last and it’s a perfect option for people who want the best of both worlds. Combination Brows. It combines the Ombré powder style with Microblading strokes to create the ultimate 3D effect. Honestly, this is by far the most popular style. Combination brows works on all skin types, are the best bang for your buck, and the best part is a quick healing time of two to three weeks. As for the price, you can get them done for $400 with us, as part of our introductory price bundle.

So, babe, what are you getting?
If you're interested in some more information and before & after images, head to our Combination Brows & Ombré Brows page.

Please note all prices listed in this article are subject to change and are not inclusive of a 4-6 week touch up session (additonal $150).

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