COLOUR SWITCH - bocajbeauty
COLOUR SWITCH - bocajbeauty
COLOUR SWITCH - bocajbeauty


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A new, innovative and essential product that kicks off any leftover powder on your brush, allowing you to dip into your next colour  instantly without having to wait for your brush to dry! A genius product to have if you are a working artist, or the everyday person with only a couple of brushes in your collection.

Simply glide your brush back and forth over the textured sponge to completely remove any eyeshadow colour. The sponge can be flipped and used on either side, and can be washed.
Not recommended for use with liquid or cream products.

• Completely reusable
• No water or brush cleaner required
• Clean with warm water and soap. Allow to fully air dry for 24hrs.
• Vegan & Cruelty free.

Replace every 6 months.
Also available in store.

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