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Angled Definer Brush

Angled Definer Brush

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E13 – Angled Definer Brush

- Precise angled flat brush for perfect placement of powder and cream products.
- Tip of bristles are carefully tapered to form precise flat edge and allow brush to draw crisp, sharp lines.
- Bristles are densely packed to allow maximum product pick up and application.

Total bristle length: 6mm
Total bristle width: 7mm

How to use

Can be used to create fine hair like strokes when filling in brows and to allow precise control over both liquid and gel eyeliner application.


Bristle material: Made from ynthetic fibers


Pickup only from our Studio.

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Customer Reviews

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Lydia D

I have 4-5 dozen brushes, and This one stands out as being one of my top (~3) favorites of all time. I suck at winged eyeliner on my hooded (in slightly different ways) eyes, which makes it So Freaking Difficult to make the wings match. I use this brush to cheat, using a soft shade of whatever shadow look I'm going for, as I can easily wipe the shadow line off to reset so I can try again before applying either eyeliner or just dark shadow over it. NOTHING compares to this brush. It is The most Thin and Precise one I have every found, But with quality bristles that don't hurt or irritate like other ones I've tried.

Even if you won't use it for the same weird reason I do, if you're looking for a brush of this nature, don't Waste your 💸 on anything else. Not to mention, the way these brushes are made, they will last forever. Her brushes are a worthwhile investment. For the type of brush they are, they are an absolute Steal.