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Precision Highlight Brush

Precision Highlight Brush

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F07 – Precision Highlight Brush

- Small, fluffy rounded brush with long bristles for precise powder highlight application.
Rounded shape and soft density applies powder highlights with an airbrushed, seamless finish.
- Fluffy natural fibers pick up and deposit powders with minimal fall out for precise application.
- Small design allows for highlight application on the cheekbones, nose, cupids bow and brow bone.
- Use gentle pressure to apply powder products to smaller, precise areas or firmer pressure to splay the bristles out and cover larger areas.
- Ferrule is shaped to ensure bristles sit in rounded formation and allow perfect blending from every angle.

Total bristle length: 25mm
Total bristle width: 15mm

How to use

Gently dip your brush into your product of choice. Swipe over the eye area in patting or windscreen-wiper motions to blend.


Bristle Material: Cruelty free natural fibers


Pickup only from our Studio.

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